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What Is a Vie Contract

BABA shareholders hold, through American Depositary Shares, a stake in Alibaba Group Holding Limited, a company registered in the Cayman Islands[10], which is under contract to receive profits from Alibaba`s lucrative Chinese assets. [11] BABA`s shareholders have no interest in the assets of Alibaba, registered in China, but only in its profits. [11] VIEs are established with a unique structure where investors do not hold a direct stake in the company, but have special contracts that set rules and a percentage of profits. Therefore, in a VIE, the investor does not participate in the remaining profits or losses that normally accompany the property. Nor do the Treaties provide for voting rights. The choice is there. And it`s not easy. For students or university graduates, the call to travel is urgent, but so is the desire to start their career once and for all. But what if you could do both? The International Corporate Volunteering Program (VIE) is your chance to embark on a personal and professional adventure and discover a profession in a new country.

The Societe Generale Group is the French company that offers the most VIE in France. Like Flora, Caroline and many others, join our teams in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong. For every ambition, there is a goal! In contrast, a VIE share (often mistakenly referred to as a share) certifies ownership of a contractual right to a percentage of a company`s profits. [5] Unlike a traditional share certificate, VIE shares provide a legal stake in the assets of a completely separate company (sometimes called a shell company). [5] The contractual right attested by the VIE share results from a contract between (1) the company designated on the VIE share and (2) the shell company. The relevant variable interest companies, which are 100% owned by citizens of the PRC or by companies of the PRC owned by citizens of the PRC, hold the ICP licenses and operate the various websites for our Internet business. In particular, our variable-stake companies are typically majority-owned by Jack Ma, our lead founder, executive chairman and one of our major shareholders, and are minority-owned by Simon Xie, one of our founders and a member of our executive. Together, these contractual arrangements allow us to exercise effective control over floating rate companies and to realize much of the economic risks and benefits that flow from them.

See “Our History and Corporate Structure – Contractual Agreements Between Our Exclusively Foreign Companies, Variable Interest Companies and Shareholders of Variable Interest Companies”. Contractual arrangements may not be as effective in ensuring operational control as direct ownership. [10] “PRC” means the People`s Republic of China and excludes Taiwan and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions solely for the purposes of this prospectus. [10] With your visa in your pocket (if necessary) and your contract signed, you will go on a mission abroad to integrate into Societe Generale`s teams! -⦠and often I even meet the love of my life, but it is not guaranteed in the contract! Business France takes care of the administrative procedures (payroll, contract, insurance and, if necessary, travel and recruitment process). FACC works with the host company in the United States to approve and process J-1 visa applications for VIE applicants. – At least 18 years old, but not yet 29 years old: You must be 28 years old when you start your mission, keeping in mind that a V.I.E. contract always starts on the 1st of the month. However, companies are required to disclose information about VIEs in which they have a significant interest. .


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